Project Description

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The 83 island nation of Vanuatu, North of New Zealand was hit with a category 5 cyclone on March 15, 2015. There was some loss of life and all islands had severe damage. We received an email from a good friend (local to Vanuatu) who we have been working with there. Below is his email to us describing the losses.

“I want to say Thank you for your Prayers. Houses are down, you remember the big village we lived at, only 4 houses are standing, Tabakoro where we showed the film at night close to the football field, only one house standing. Roof materials hardly can find, all gone. All belongings the wind and rain has washed them away. Brother no words can express this cyclone catergory 5.

Thank God He is Alive and Watching His Nation.
Love Alick D. Valeros”


Call to Action:

We are currently raising funds to help the people of Vanuatu rebuild their lives and recover. This is an ongoing project and we are greatful for all donations. We will be personally assisting in Vanuatu later this year, as funds become available.